Sunday, December 13, 2009

Obama and The Nobel Peace Adward!

I have been hearing a lot of the President and his accepting the Noble Peace Award in Norway. Some have cheered him on and some have let it be known he has achieved nothing in his short-career to be given the award. It comes down to what people around the world think and here at home. A few have said he is the "man of peace" this is why he was given this awarded for what he achieve so far! But could this hurt him in the long run? In three years time when he tries for another run in 2012? The White House has said they tried to "play down" this accepting of the award. I guess they didn't want to offended some people back home! Even the President has said there are far more better people in the world. Whom had done more then he has ever done in his career. They are far more accepting of this award then he'll ever be. I have to say... I like the guy honesty in what he had to say no matter what the outcome is. He seem to be able to let he true feels show regardless of what taken place. I have to wonder what he thinks of all this did he feel guilty about being called the "Man of Peace," when has just sent more troops to the middle east? It's hard to please everyone in the U.S. let alone the world! My personal opinion of all this is it a great honor to be awarded for great achievement that person has made so far. I think it was too early to be given this type of award to someone who only been in office for a short-time. These kinds of awards should be given to people who have achieve much more then a President who just "learning the ropes" in his new job. I think the committee got it wrong in some respect maybe they were trying to boost their own image? Because the President is a very popular guy at the moment. But as we all know the popularity doesn't long for very long!!! Especially here in American government.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Health Care... still battleing it out!

The Health Care bill is still an on going process in our nation capital. It doesn't seem like the President will be getting it sign before the end of the year. It's seem like some of the Senate members are still in debate about certain things in the bill. Like, for one I been hearing about abortion and how it could come into play with health care. Is it a right for anyone whom wants to get abortion. Who can't afford to pay on their own or have health care insurance. If this bill pass could they use the new Health Care reform as part of their medical expenses? It's a hard topic to disgust. Because you have people who are against abortion no matter what. I think the Senators want to work around this subject. It all about looking out for their best interest in my opinion. They know this health care reform is not setting well with most Americans. It hard to convince people to when there is a struggling economy, and people are still struggling to pay the bills on time. It's not on their top list as well as mines at the moment. It makes everyone think members of both houses have people best interest in mind. Yes, maybe they do and it helps to make one look good in the eyes of the public. I think they are trying to do everything in their power to make each of the Senate members, as well as the general public understand what this health bill can do to help people. But, how much longer can one person take to hearing about it. That they get bored out of their mind and just turn off the idea of health care bill all together! It's like this every time something important about Health Care... they can't reach agreement on to vote yes or no and still go on debate with what to leave out what to keep in. It like we learned in class they are to get to the soft spot of people "heart" for them to go for it. Because they know they can't afford to make enemies with one of their "own party."