Monday, October 29, 2012

New Heritage pages!

Hey everyone it a very early Monday morning. Hope all is well with you so far. I just got done with few new heritage layouts. I liked how both of them turned out one is a double spread but had to take two different photos. Since I couldn't get a decent shoot of the double page. I like the first one I call "A Mother's Love" I guess you could it a "true" scrapbook page lol. Another is a double page layout I tried to make it look like the pictures are on a colorful "old table cloth". 

A Mother's Love - Lura Maude (Thomas) Smith with her daughter's
Ila and Nanel Smith. They are my paternal grandmother's Aunt and cousins.

This is layout is a double spread called: Table Cloth of Family Photos.
Couldn't take a picture of the whole layout so just took two different photos.
The lady and young man is my paternal great-grandfather's Aunt and Cousin.

This is part of the other half of the two spread layout. The young woman
in the photo. Is the daughter and sister of the two people in the above layout.


Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Design I wanted to share with you...

Hi everyone,

How your Sunday going so far? My Sunday going well not too bad today my birthday and I turn 30! Can't believe my 20s are now gone and I'm going into my 30s lol.
I wanted to share with you a design a guy made for me and I really liked it. He said I could share with you all.  He wanted to show me how I could use some of my art and turn into Digital layout or  any kind of art for that matter! Have to say he got me inspired to do more photoshop  art. His name is Paul Browning he from the United Kingdom...  He used most of my paper distress ink background you  can see  under the post "My Little distress ink project" on my blog. He took some photos of me I had on facebook. Just went at it to make I would have to say a photo poster.

Here Paul's blog if you wanted to take a look... I'm pretty sure most of you ladies and guys have seen him around. Or are followers like me to his blog. If not here you go...

The pictures and some of the textured paper belongs to Justie Stilwell
and the design is credit to Paul Browning @2012.


Friday, October 5, 2012

A family remembers

I did this layout of my Great-Grandfather and Great- Uncle. It my grandmother's father and younger brother. They both died in a terrible accident in Feb 1950. I decided to make this page as simply as I could. I was named after my Great- Grandfather my father didn't like the name my mother had picked out for me. So, she asked my father what both of his grandfathers names were. He said  they were John and Justie. My mother liked the name Justie. So, she and my father named me after the man in the top right corner of this layout. My mother told me when she told my grandmother my name. She cried I guess she got emotional knowing that another one of her grandchildren was carrying on a person she loved name. My older cousin who is the first grandchild for my grandparents. Is named Joe, not sure if he was named after "the" Joe, you see in this layout. But I have a feel he was. Anyway, to make it more interesting I decided to put some of the planets or leaves in the corners. I decided to put their names beside their picture. I used Tim Holtz's distress ink Walnut Stain on the letters. I also used my zig memory black pen to edge the letters a little bit. I think it finish but I wonder what you all think?

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Looking back at PaSt Ideas....

Hi everyone,

Here are some sketches I did for some of my graphic design classes while in college. One with my name in full color and looking like it going to push it self off the cliff. It was my own creation nothing to do with the colleges sketches. It was just included in my sketch book. Since the drawings you see come from my second sketche book. Since my first one was full! Well, this my third one if you count my very first sketch book from high school as one! My first college sketch book just either had rough drawing, ideas, writing of ideas, print out of some of my digital artwork since I did one in a drawing  and my art teacher really liked it. If anyone you want to see some of my past drawings from my college days or even high school days. Let me know I do have some posted on a website but not all are on there. I might just let you see some that I never posted online. Just let me know in the comments below. I'll post some more in future blogs.
Enjoy some of my drawing all these were pencil drawings and just rough  ideas I had! I decided not to throw them away or tear them out of my sketch book. Just decided to add some color to them and see how they turned out. I have to say I like each of them...

Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy Early Monday...

How everyone doing on this early Monday morning. I guess I'm still in the night owl mood. I'll be posting a few layouts in the next week or so... Look out for that just taking a break. I have been know to do that often with all my artwork. I always seem to get back into it sooner or later, lol. I guess just have to find that mood of doing more artwork. I have been working on  a artwork about my grandmother's family. My mother and I are making blanket. Where we can hang-up on her wall. With pictures of her family (parents, brothers, sisters, her and her husband, kids, grandkids, great- grandkids.) I'm working on the pictures now. I'm using the distress ink background paper. I made. I think it'll work nicely for the project. I just have to print out a black and white and color photo. So, my mom can see if it'll match the fabric she wants to use.

I'm thinking of making a card for my parents 34th wedding. Just have to figure out what type of card to make using my Silhouette Cameo. I have been looking at the online store but nothing stands out as of yet. I think we the millions of ideas I have I should just go and work on them, lol. I was wondering what you guys think of my blog. If  I should add more to it or leave it as is. What do you guys think or any ideas to how I can make it more appealing? Let me know in the comments below. Hope you all have a wonderful start to your week.