Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My NSD Prize Video Share....

   I thought to share with some of you following my blog. The prize I won in one of the challenges on they were having for National Scrapbook Day! It was awesome prize pack. I'll be playing with some of these items I received over the weekend. I don't know how I'll use some of these in my heritage layouts. But I'll find a way to put them to use that for sure. Here a video of me showing you what I got as my prize. I would have taken some pictures but thought to show you all in a video would be better. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

I'm on Pinterest!

Hey everyone,

Hope your Monday went well. Mines went well if you call sleeping most of the day well, lol. I'm a night owl. I guess no matter how hard I try I'll never get a decent bedtime. Unless I find work soon then will I probably have a decent bedtime. Anyway the other day I signed up for a pinterest account and started to add things I like. I decided to pin my own work to the site. Who knows maybe someone will like my work and decided to contact me about a job or something. You never know right?

So if any of you would like to go check it out here my link to my pinterest. The "My" you see on some of my boards on pinterest. It's my work I upload to the site.

 It pretty much the same work you seen to my work on here or my other sites I might have linked I provided  some of you. But thought to post it on my blog to let you know. Hope you all have a nice evening and I'll be posting some of my layouts soon on here.


Thursday, May 9, 2013

UPDATE: New photo printer! Canon Selphy CP900 Wirless 4x6 photo printer


Hope everyone doing well this Thursday evening or Friday if you're else where in the world... I thought I would share with you guys a new little machine. I got yesterday in the mail. I always was trying to find something that I could print 4x6 or smaller photos. That were good quality prints you could get. When you would take your pictures in to the store to get printed. I did a search online and came across this photo machine. That doesn't take up too much room and from what I saw on YouTube from people who bought it. It seems to print out good quality photos. I still think my Kodak all in one printer. Gives me good quality prints. But wanted to find something where I could save a little bit of money on ink with my bigger printer. I'll still use the Kodak for my bigger 5x7 and 8x10 prints once in while.
So, I decided to go on and look it up and they did have it. I saw amazing reviews there were some negative things said about the machine. But there were more good then bad reviews. I always look at the reviews of an item before I buy it. It was only about $73.69 on I decided to go ahead and buy it. I realize that even though it was on amazon website. It was not sold by them but by a company called Beach I have to say they are also quick at sending out their products. I order it on Sunday they send it out the next day. It came to my door Wednesday Morning. I also order extra photo and ink for the printer. But it came shipped separate since it was sold by amazon. It came this morning. So decided to take a picture of both to show you. I guess to show off my products, lol.

I'm doing to play with it tonight I might do update on my thoughts probably either write about it and put it on here. Or do a video and give you guys my opinions on it. Probably show you some of the pictures I printed out. One thing I can say about this printer. It comes with it own set of papers and each has it own ink to. No more guessing how much ink you have. From what I heard you put the paper and ink in. Once you print all your pictures. If you decide to use another pack of paper. You push print it won't print because it used all of it ink for the other papers. The pack it comes with three inks and I believe 36 sheets of paper that makes up to 108 sheets of paper. The ink in the pack can print up to 36 sheets. So, if you used another sheet of paper make sure you use new ink that comes with it. Hope that make sense to you all. If you don't have one look it up on Youtube and there some people who can explain it better then I can.

 I forgot to tell you guys I won my very first challenge. I won in the Washi Tape Challenge. I know it was a random computer pick! But still excited to know I won something. It'll be send out sometime next Monday or by Wednesday at the latest. When I get my prize in the mail I'll show you guys. I know it has to be scrapbook related, lol. Anyways hope you all are doing well. Now I should go and start playing with this little guy. Check back for UPDATE! on my thoughts either in writing or in a video! on the Canon Selphy CP900 right here on this post.

UPDATE: All I got to say is this is one nice little printer... I printed with the 5 photo paper that came with the printer. I used up my first 36 sheets of paper already. I had fun with it. It did cut off a bit but nothing where you don't know what or who it is. But I guess I just have to keep playing with it. I didn't explain in the video. But I installed the CD it came with. It cool software there one where you can use couple of different decorative frames. I got it to work wireless so no usb cord for this guy! All I have to do is open the software put in some photos and push print. I also used my memory card to print off pictures too. I think I like the computer part better. But will use the memory card when I'm away from the computer.

Here a video of my thoughts on this printer. Enjoy! Be warn! it a long video... Sorry just don't know when to shut up! lol.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Heritage layouts and a Washi tape layout

      Hi everyone hope you had a good weekend so far. For those who did some scrappy yesterday hope you had a good National Scrapbook Day! I did a few layouts yesterday as well as entered a few challenges on The weather here in Michigan especially around the Bay City area. Has been very nice it been in the 70s and 80s range. It already spring and before you know it, it'll be summer time here in Michigan.

Here are my layouts hope you all enjoy looking at them and give me your thoughts and opinions.
"Isaac and Laura"

"Beauty" I enter into Technique Tuesday Challenge

"Seaman - Melvin W. Stilwell" I enter into a Don't be so negative challenge

"The animals reign over the household" I enter into a Washi Tape Challenge