Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Looking back at PaSt Ideas....

Hi everyone,

Here are some sketches I did for some of my graphic design classes while in college. One with my name in full color and looking like it going to push it self off the cliff. It was my own creation nothing to do with the colleges sketches. It was just included in my sketch book. Since the drawings you see come from my second sketche book. Since my first one was full! Well, this my third one if you count my very first sketch book from high school as one! My first college sketch book just either had rough drawing, ideas, writing of ideas, print out of some of my digital artwork since I did one in a drawing  and my art teacher really liked it. If anyone you want to see some of my past drawings from my college days or even high school days. Let me know I do have some posted on a website but not all are on there. I might just let you see some that I never posted online. Just let me know in the comments below. I'll post some more in future blogs.
Enjoy some of my drawing all these were pencil drawings and just rough  ideas I had! I decided not to throw them away or tear them out of my sketch book. Just decided to add some color to them and see how they turned out. I have to say I like each of them...

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  1. Love your sketches Justie. Especially the jumbled up alphabet, very arty. And yes please, let's see more of your past sketches :) Pxx