Friday, August 17, 2012

I'm Back!!!


I'm back at trying to blog again. I decided to redesign this site give it a little bit of an updated look, lol. I don't know where this blog will go but for now decided to put to good use by displaying some of my artwork on here. For some of you to look at if you want to. Nothing much going on in my life at the moment still trying to look for a new job. I didn't think looking for work would be hard but it is. But not trying to think of it too much just trying to live everyday to the fullest and keep myself busy with my artwork. Even keeping up with what going on in the world.

I have started to scrapbook now and getting into it more it helping me be more creative in new ways. I'm in the process of making three scrapbooks one for each of my three grandparents. I'm also going to try and do a scrapbook of all the animals. We had over the years and we had few interesting and funny animals. I just started to write the stories for the animals. Now, now have to wait for my stuff to arrive! I order some scrapbook supplies more paper!!! Yeah more paper then what I know what to do with. But it good to have some extra paper on hand. It'll work with my heritage family albums. I even bought some stampes and ink to try out. The stampes I bought it called "Road Trip" from Tim Holtz. I really enjoy Tim Holtz work he is one of the few creative guys out there. Whom, stuff I really enjoy. Hope you all have a great Friday evening and a great weekend!


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