Friday, June 21, 2013

I'm back! with a lot of Layouts!

I come to you with a couple of layouts... I been doing over the past few weeks. I have another pet layout I'm in the process of doing. When I get that done. I'll take a picture and upload it to this post. I'm not going to be writing all the products I used under the photos. Like I did in previous posts. I'm doing layout shares on my youtube channel.  
Where I tell everyone the story behind the photos and the products I used. When I upload the video to my channel. I'll post it on here too. So, check back often for updates on future layout post.  The more recent ones are the first you will see. I haven't done a video for the layouts you are looking at. When I do I'll put it up here on this post. Hope you all enjoy the layouts. Sorry I haven't been much of an active user on my blog. Just been busy with other things. Including working on scrapbook layouts. Have a good Friday hope you all enjoy your weekend!


"Ginger the freespirit"

"Duchess of the Smith Family"

"Chief Wawatam Handbomber"

"Kitchen Roots"
"Christmas 1962"

UPDATE - 6/25/2013: Here are the videos of the layouts you see above. The "Kitchen Roots" layout. I forgot to show that in my heritage video sorry. Forgot all about that one, lol. Hope you enjoy the layout share videos. That you all are enjoy the week so far.



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  1. Great layouts Justie. Good to see you posting again. You've definitely got your mojo here lol. Duchess is sooo cute lol. Pxx