Sunday, November 23, 2014

2014 December Daily

Hi everyone, hope you all had a good weekend. I have another blog for you all to look at. This is a new challenge for me. I've decided to try my hand at doing a December Daily this year. A lady that I subscribe to on her youtube channel is doing a challenge to help encourage people who haven't done a December Daily. Or, if they have done one in the past to get new ideas for future December Daily. She asked if I wanted to join her group and I decided to join. Because I like to challenge myself with new and creative ways. Also, try to think outside the box that isn't just scrapbook layouts. Have to say I enjoy doing these December Daily challenges so far. I've done two challenges by Sue, who is shiles728 on youtube. She a wonderful lady and became a good friend through youtube. She has gotten me to sometimes think outside of the box with my art. Her first challenge was to a cover for whatever you were going to use for your December Daily. That challenge is still going until Midnight November 29th 2014. So, if you're thinking of doing a December Daily you've time to check out her challenge.  I also done another challenge of Sue's. She was having a 24 hour challenge this weekend. The challenge is closed as of today Nov 23rd 2014 it ran from 11am Saturday 22nd to today 23rd at 11am. But what we had to do what alter a tag for our December Daily. Since I had a tag I kept from a order. I decided to alter it for my December Daily. Hope you enjoy seeing what I done so far in my December Daily project. Before, I forget her and another lady are both doing challenges for December Daily each week I think. I'll have links to Sue's videos below for anyone who wants to check it out. If you do check her videos for December Daily. Have a look around her channel, and if you like what you see. Please subscribe to her channel. I think she would enjoy having more people enjoying her channel and videos.

Sue's December Daily video links

Also there a facebook group called December Daily Inspiration Group - Anything Goes! 
It's a facebook group that helps people get inspired by what others have posted of their December Daily. But it has to be something related to December  Daily. If you want to join just click the link above and click join and someone will have to approve you first. Before you can view the facebook page. 

Here are pictures of the cover of my December Daily, and the tag I made for the 24 hour flash challenge. I'll also put links to the videos of the cover and tags. Where I share how I made them. Hope you enjoy seeing what I'm doing and please leave me comments tell me what you think. 

Front Cover - December Daily

Back Cover - December Daily

Christmas Tag - 24 hour Flash Challenge 

Here are the links to my videos
2014 December Daily Cover

2014 December Daily: 24 Hour Flash Challenge

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