Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Battle of the Patriot Act!

I found this article in the New York Times, to be very interesting to what we are talking about in class. In regrets to ones right as an American citizens. Like with the first amendment and how these laws are in the book to protect our civil right. To live freely with out the government looking over our shoulders to see what we are up too. It seems like each year our government is taken away little by little of what our country stands for. That is to live freely, pursuit of happiness with up holding the laws of this country. Yes, I think we should have some protecting and even save guards our freedom. But, at what cost is it for the government to be spying on us the people. I think after 9/11 our country did change forever in regrades to the fact we are like the rest of the world who has to stand by and watch politician do what they think is best without having gave the public a chance to talk about this Patriot Act law. They pass this act to protect us the people, but what I and problem the rest of Americans like me is that they were listing into our private converstation, emails and etc... They said they were only looking at people who might be suspacted as being part of a terroists group. This quote from the article has me worried does this mean any American citizen and what about govermental offical do they get wiretap too? "final provision set to expire is called the “lone wolf” provision. It allows the F.B.I. to get a court order to wiretap a terrorism suspect who is not connected to any foreign terrorist group or foreign government. "

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