Monday, November 9, 2009

The President and Health Care Bill!

We have been talking about the health care bill for the past few weeks now. It seems like it all you hear about on the news and in the papers all across the country. It has been coming up in class often. Today some people have said that it probably not going to pass in the Senate. I think they maybe are right. We talked about how a bill was passed how it can be sent to the President's desk for his signature. Now, that the house has passed the bill and it the Senate turn. If it doesn't get passed by the senate will the President try again? Will he wait for a new session? where he might lose more of his party in both houses? That another question we have to wait and find out who going to win or lose in this health care reform... I found this article about the Health Care Bill in The New York Times. It talks about how the House of Representatives have passed the bill by a land side victory! It has been said that it got pass by more then 5 votes. It could have gone either way that tells us how close it was. I read the article it was interesting how we are talking about how government can play like this "tug of war" game with each other. It seem like it a battle against who can come out on top. Who can be the hero to save the day for us "poor folks." Now it a wait and see game with the Senate will they pass it with a larger margin since their only 100 of them in the Senate camber against 435 of them in the house? We just have to wait and see what the outcome is. It just seems like it all part of a ploy to get everyone on congress side. Because they know reelection is coming up this time next year and some will be fighting for their seats once again. It seems like there already some "fights" that will probably be going on with people in their own party. I just watch the CNN news where they replayed the c-span channel of a scene of the house is celebrating the victory of getting the bill passed. They had the yes and nay vote on the screen it looks like some republicans were in favor and some democrats not in favor. You have to always wonder if they are going to get the "brush off" within their own party? It always seem to be that way a lot and it gets stupid after while. If this bill is suppose to helps us in the long run be able to afford health care. I think the bill will be good especially for me like myself who working on a fix income. But, there one thing I have been hearing about this bill I don't like is. If this gets pass and I get health care. I would have to pay whatever it cost and I couldn't have a say in it or not. I could have to get this insurances no matter what. If I need use it for some medical emergency I couldn't go to my own doctor. I would have to go to a government doctor. Could this be why is there still some who are against it? Could it have to be money issue? or just another gimmick to be against another party idea?

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