Monday, November 30, 2009

Black Friday! Does it really help our economy or makes it wrost?

Black Friday is what some say is the biggest day of the year in shopping. This kind of ties into what we were talking today in class. How people seem to be centered to either one person influence over another. In some cases can make their own decisions to be either influence by others or by their own choose. I bet a lot of business are happy with the day after Thanksgiving. But, is it really worth it for people to wake up early and stand in line for the stores to open up. Then when the stores open up people always seem to want to make a "mad dash" to get the best sells, before the shelves are bare with nothing! I have read a few articles online in the Bay City Times. They did a poll where they ask readers if they were going to get up early, wait until later in the day or stay in bed/home? What I found interesting is most people including me were at 68% for staying home for the day... there was about 20% of people that got up early for the bargains sells. I have to wonder if these great sales. Are the best way to spent our money, when it is hard times for people right now. Where are most people getting the money to spent on a new Television set? Yes! it does help the economy when shopping. There one article that said how much can one person shop before they realize they are going into debts with things that people really don't need. What happens when people spent the money and then realize they can't make their payments on time. It harsh reality people seem to not think about most of the time during the holiday season. It kind of like how the government works in a way where you try to adversities to get people to go with their idea like with Black Friday with prices lowered it gets more people to shop bring more money into the business that help the economy get a boost.
I just don't understand why people can't use their head sometime and think before they buy. I always say to myself do I have a enough to buy this or that I don't really need and be able to afford to pay my bills? I just don't understand what is so hard about making a budget and sticking to it. Most people are always yelling at our government to save money and don't spent it on "silly projects". Well... it can go the same way with the holiday shopping or any day of the year. I think it is the decision we all can agree to disagree on. It how we choose the decision that can not just affect us but how this can also affect the country in a "big picture" then we could have image.

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