Friday, January 25, 2013

My Joann Haul video!


Hope everyone Friday is going well and you're all enjoying the start of your weekend. I know I'm because I just got my scrapbook supplies from it arrived at my door around noon. I got email last night saying my order is being shipped to me. But wasn't expecting it to get here as soon as the next day, lol. I guess their warehouse is here in Michigan. Because I look where I could track my order I guess it didn't have far to go. Which I think is awesome since I can play! with it sooner. All the stuff came in fine "shape" no damage to report. Might order from them again. I was going to only order two things. Those two things are near the end of the video. But decided to just look at other things. I decided to order some more since they had some sales and since I had coupon in my email. It was free shipping and that is good in my eyes since I don't have to worry about shipping and handle but I had to pay tax it cost a little bit more. But know I can afford it and pay it off so no worries there for me. Hope you all enjoy the video of me "showing off" my new supplies. Have a great weekend.


  1. Great haul Justie - would love to wake up to open such a box of treasure Px

    1. Yeap thanks and enjoying playing with some of my stuff so far.