Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Cherry On Top Haul Video

Hello everyone,

Hope your Thursday evening is going well. I bought some more scrapbook supplies I know I said I wasn't going to buy anymore items. But a lady who follows my channel on YouTube send me a list of some online stores. So, I check them all out and realize that A Cherry on Top online store is based in Michigan in the next county where I live. I decided to check them out and liked some of their items. So, I decided to make an account and put some items on my wish list. Monday evening I order my items and they came in the mail today. It is the fastest shipment I had in while. I liked how they ship my package to me all the items were in a big 12x12 plastic bag.
You all know me by now I did a haul video. To show all of you what I got. But I'm only doing a video. I haven't took any pictures of my items thought the video is probably the only thing you like to see? Plus, didn't feel like take out the camera to take a picture of each items. I know shame on me since I enjoy photography but when you got about 26 items of scrapbook supplies!, lol. Or maybe I'm just having somewhat of a lazy camera day.

Speaking of camera or photography in general I should take my camera out more and take some pictures. Hope you all enjoy the video of my items have to say I look good in my haul video! I normally don't say that about myself maybe it the 5 O'clock Shadow! lol. Anyways have a great one guys!

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