Saturday, August 10, 2013

Hello Again!

Hope everyone having a good summer so far. I have been enjoy it so far trying to keep up with my scrapbook layouts. I have done a few decided to finally upload them on my blog. Hope you all enjoy the new layouts and the layout share video. I'm going to try and keep up with the blog. A friend and I plan on getting together soon. To go out near the bay where we life either early sunrise or at sunset and take some pictures. If we do that you guys might see some new pictures from me either as a slideshow or just posted on here. So watch out for that I'm not sure yet when we'll be taking pictures of nature. Probably when he has some down time. I know it'll be before it gets too cold!

P.S. There a third layout you'll see in the layout share video... I forgot to take a picture of it to put on here. Hope you all enjoy... 



"John and Sarah"

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  1. Great layouts Justie, the vintage colours work brilliantly with the photos. Hope you're well. Pxx