Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New layouts...

It been a while since I have been on here. I think I should  put some more of my layouts. I did the past few weeks on here for you all to see. I been doing well just trying to keep myself busy as one can be. Hope you enjoy the new layouts and having a good week so far? Let me know what you think...

I'll put up a video of the layouts. You see below as soon as I get one done. There at least two or three more layouts I'd show you. But some of my family are still living. I wanted to protected their privacy. Since, I didn't ask their permission before hand. I have one of my videos posted below of some my layouts I didn't posted on my blog. If you see a layout with white paper covering the pictures. It's because I'm protecting my living family members privacy. 

"John and Nellie" my great-grandparents

"Joseph and Mary" my great great great great grandparents

"The Stilwell's of Mackinaw City"


  1. Hi Justie, great to hear from you, good to see your keeping up with the layouts and the family history, looks like you are digging up quite the family tree.
    The new printer looks like a good investment. Sorry for the absence, One very busy summer with work, just about getting quiet now so hopefully I should get some more time to sop by peoples blogs. take care mate.

    1. Hi Mark, Thanks for stopping by and taken a look at some of my new layouts. I'm trying to keep up with the blog when I can.