Friday, June 13, 2014

Grandma's Red Dress Scrapbook layout

Hello everyone I came to you with another layout. It is called Grandma's Red Dress. This layout is of my grandmother and her dress. Her favorite color is red and she does look good in red. The photos were taking in June 18, 1977. What really interesting about these photos. My grandmother became a grandma for the first time a month before. When her first grandson was born in May 1977. She would wear the same dress a year later in Oct 1978. At the marriage of her daughter (my mother) to my father. So  she worn this dress when she was already a grandmother for the first time. Then a year later when she watched her second child and only daughter. Get married and have a family of her own. I did journal about this layout. The empty spot on the bottom right corner just beneath the photo of my grandmother. Is where I put the journal of the story about the pictures. I decided not too long ago to not write the journal until after I took the picture. Because sometimes I write more information about my family. That I don't want everyone to see. I do sometimes write a lot on my journal and then snap the picture of the layout. But it depends on the layout and what the story about.

The photos below are close up of some of the embellishments, stickers and thickers. I used in this layout. Hope you all enjoy looking at this layout. I'm trying to update this site. If anyone can help me be able to learn how to better update my blog. Please let me know by leaving a comment in the comment section of this post. Thank You...

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