Saturday, June 7, 2014

Where my Heart Going? Art Journal #1

Hello everyone I have a little bit something different for you all. I decided to try my hand at art jouranling. I always thought it look fun from watching some youtube clips. There was an idea that I wanted to do for sometime. So, I decided to take the chance and just go with it. I'd some blank pages in my sketch book. I'd from my college days a few years ago. I decided to maybe start filling it up with some art journal and mix media art. I figure this could maybe give me outlet and express my thoughts and feelings towards coming up with new art work. This piece I did is called Where my Heart Going?

It's mainly about if I ever will have that special someone in my life. Maybe get married someday and raise a family of my own. Because I realize as I get older in my early 30s now. I don't really want to be alone all my life. Because it can get lonely at times. I like the idea of growing old with someone. Hope you like my first art journal and check back for maybe some more posted on this blog in the future.


  1. Fab!! Ive nominated ur blog for award if you want to participate dont have to if you dont want too xx

  2. Hey Samantha, thanks for always commenting on my blog. That very thoughtful of your to nominated my blog for an award. I will check out the link.